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The Whisperer Trilogy

Aisling’s Revelation

Vicki was born and educated in England. She migrated to North America at the age of nineteen and settled in Canada.

After many years of toil and stress, and the raising of four children she ended up in Vancouver, single, and ready to create a new life.

The support she received from the editor of a small press who accepted her first novel encouraged her to continue writing, although that novel was not published (someone overruled with her decision).

Vicki subsequently finished ten novels and one reference book. After writing mainstream fiction for several years, she turned to a genre she enjoyed reading, speculative fiction.

She is a vegetarian, a pacifist, a Jesusonian, and loves chromatics, the science of color and harmony.  

Felindra has a unique gift - she can communicate with animals.
 She's a Whisperer

Book 1 The Whisperer

Book 2 The Whisperer’s Journey

Book 3 The Whisperer Returns


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She senses someone loitering around the cottage, but she never actually sees anyone until the day of the old woman’s passing when a stranger appears at the door.

The stranger, and his female companion who turns up later, reveal they are Elves and that she is also an Elf, and that they have been sent by her birth parents to bring her home.

Once she is convinced, she agrees to go with them and they embark on the journey to the realm of Light, but on the way disaster strikes

The first thing Aisling is aware of is the awful smell. It is like a combination of rotting meat and the horrible stinkweed that grows near the cottage. The air is musty and the rock wall is damp under her back. When she tries to move her foot, an excruciating pain shoots up her leg...


When her grandmother dies suddenly, Aisling’s life is turned upside down.  The fifteen-year-old girl doesn’t know will she keep the smallholding  going. She is now alone in the world with no family she can turn to for help.



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Names of the World contains more than 90,000 personal names from every part of the world.

It was three years in the making and was endured extensive research.

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